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Choose the Trust That's Right for You. There are four trusts to choose from, based on you or your family member’s personal needs.

Enroll in Three Steps

Becoming enrolled in the Master Pooled Trust is as easy as A-B-C.

Determine the source that will fund your family member’s trust.

The money could come from a variety of sources, such as a will, a life insurance policy, SSI back-payments, a court settlement, a gift, or even cash from a savings account.

ii. Whose money is it?
1. A third party’s money- for example, mom, dad, grandparents, friends or other family. Trust I or Trust III
2. The Beneficiary’s own money- for example, personal savings, gifts, SSA back payments, child support or law suit settlement. Trust II or Trust IV

Determine which of four trust agreements best meets the needs of the beneficiary.

While we recommend that you seek the independent advice of an experienced estate-planning attorney or certified financial planner. The Arc of Texas can refer you to a list of attorneysthroughout the state who work with families of persons with disabilities who need estate planning.

Complete the Joinder Agreement.

Download the Joinder Agreements and Mailing Checklist. The Joinder Agreement is the legal document needed to establish a Master Pooled Trust sub-account. Follow the instructions included with the joinder agreement and complete the mailing checklist. Then mail the completed joinder agreement to The Arc of Texas with a check for the $600 enrollment fee, payable to The Arc of Texas.

After Funding

After the account has been funded, the Primary Representative will receive a copy of the toolkit that outlines how to use a trust sub-account with The Arc of Texas Master Pooled Trust.  The primary representative will also receive Quarterly statements, showing the disbursements, investment performance, and fees.

If you are not funding the sub-account right away, the Grantor (the person who established the trust) will receive an Enrollment Guide.  This Enrollment Guide will answer most of the questions regarding funding the sub-account and other basic information on how the Trust works. This will prepare the Grantor, the Primary Representative, and the Beneficiary, to use this sub-account to improve the quality of life and ensure a successful future for the Beneficiary.

Enrollment Documents & Forms

You will find all the forms you need to enroll in the Master Pooled Trust below

Joinder Agreements

Trust Documents

Project Benefits

Associated Fees

The following fees, which may be changed from time to time, may be charged by The Arc of Texas Master Pooled Trust.

Enrollment Fee

A non-refundable one-time enrollment fee of $600* is due at the time the Joinder Agreement is executed. The enrollment fee covers the cost of opening a Trust sub-account for the Beneficiary.

Annual Maintenance and Consultation Fees

There is no annual renewal fee before the sub-account is funded.

After the sub-account is funded, the following annual fees are due. Although annual fees may increase or decrease over time, you will never be required to pay a higher fee than the rate that is applicable at the time your account is funded

Fee schedule for “Distributions Authorized” accounts
(means disbursements will be requested)

Annual Consultation fee:

1.75% on the first $50,000

1.25% for amounts between $50,000 up to $100,000

1% for amounts over $100,000

Minimum annual fee: $300

Fee Schedule for “Distributions Deferred” accounts
(means NO disbursements will be requested)

Annual Maintenance Fee:

1.25% for amounts up to $100,000

1% for amounts over $100,000

Minimum annual fee: $250

Special Assessments

The Trustee and the Manager have authority from time to time, as necessary, to assess all sub-accounts or certain sub-accounts with special assessments for specific costs such as the cost of defending a sub-account of the Trust, or taking actions to preserve a beneficiary’s Government Assistance. See Section 7.9 of the Trust Agreement for a description of possible defense costs.

Other Fees

  • Frequent Disbursement Fee for disbursements that exceed 24 per year - $12.50 per disbursement.
  • IRS tax preparation fee – To be negotiated at the lowest reasonable rate
  • Closing Fee- A $100 fee will be assessed upon closure of the sub-account

Use this tool to help determine which trust may be right for your situation. This is NOT LEGAL ADVICE and The Arc of Texas recommends you seek legal advice.

Who does the money belong to?

You can choose between Trust II or IV

You can choose between Trust I or III

To ensure the health and safety of those we serve and our community, The Arc of Texas offices remain closed to the public.  We are available by email trust@thearcoftexas.org and phone at 1-800-252-9729 or 512-454-6694.